"I came with a head full of study, work and family, and left 
with a head full of wonderful songs and happy 

"Peace, music, wonderful food 
and laughter!" 

Here are a few recent entries from our guest book and below are some testimonies from our wonderful course participants 

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Carla and Vic

"Stones Barns was a fantastic, unique experience for us. Such a warm welcome, such a nice bunch of people, so much music, good food and all round hospitality. We definitely will be signing up for another weekend in the future!"

"Altogether, a completely life-changing experience that anyone with the slightest interest in singing should consider. The friendly and relaxed, often humorous, atmosphere and style of teaching quickly dispelled any anxieties and led to a thoroughly enjoyable weekend during which I was staggered to find that I could sing, and how much I enjoyed it."

"I would say to anyone who has just the faintest idea that they would like to sing, go to Stones Barn. From the novice to the more experienced singer all are welcomed and treated with courtesy and respect and encouraged to find the freedom and liberation that singing can bring to every aspect of daily living."


"It's fantastic! The whole experience, from start to finish, is super. The musical tuition is second to none, the food wonderful (forget the diet for the weekend!) and the barn itself has a lovely, cosy atmosphere. I had never sung in public before I went but now I regularly perform"

"I have been to Stones Barn courses ranging from singing, through performance, to songwriting courses and have been, without exception, memorable, life changing and wonderful experiences.The quality of the teaching is always superb and the atmosphere is always such that it is a pain to leave. I have made real friends through Stones Barn, and learned so much about myself. Everyone should come to Stones Barn - but beware - you will be back! And I haven’t even mentioned the food!!!"

"When I first attended a Stones Barn course, I was worried what I'd let myself in for initially, but once the course began I realised I was amongst friends. The courses have given me much more confidence as a solo and ensemble singer and thanks to encouragement from the tutors, I am now a member of the folk trio The Bailey Sisters with Karen Dyson and Alyson Rainey (two more Stones Barn alumni)"


"A life-changing experience! The style of teaching is informal, inclusive and relaxed, yet a high standard is achieved in a very short space of time. The atmosphere is positive and welcoming right from the start; everyone, from complete beginner to experienced performer will learn new skills and grow in confidence throughout the weekend. The courses cover a wide range of topics from poetry and early music to ballads, sacred songs and just singing for fun. I only wish I could go to all of them!"

"Whether you want to dip your toe into something new, take existing skills further, with superb tuition or just have a good old sing, you’ll have a great time at Stones Barn.  I’ve been coming to Stones Barn once or twice a year since the beginning (for 11 years now) and I keep coming back for more. It is an experience I savour, and I always go home tired, but extremely happy and relaxed, and with my head buzzing with everything I have learnt during the weekend. My confidence, both in my singing and as a person, has grown and grown, as a result not only of what I have learned about singing technique, but also from spending time with like-minded people in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. There’s also, of course, the fabulous food - and the fact that you will have lots of lots of laughs."

"Stones Barn is a magical place! Come to experience supportive teaching which challenges and encourages. Delicious food, great company and beautiful surroundings. However you feel as you arrive you will leave with a smile on your face, a head full of music and a heart full of joy (and a slightly tighter waistband!)
It has been a place of restoration and growth for me many times. I feel so privileged to have been on the receiving end of the generosity of all the amazing teachers I have met there, and most especially the warm and lovely Maddy Prior."

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