We are very proud of our fresh, home-cooked, hot meals​​​
and we want you to feel at home... 

So the food we serve is comforting and wholesome 
Nette is our cook. And as well as cooking all our lovely food, she is also like a member of the family. She came to one of our very first courses and asked if Maddy wanted a hand and she has done the cooking on every course eversince! You can read how many of our participants mention the food on the testimonials page!
Nette makes all of the dishes to whatever your individual requirements happen to be. Whether you are vegan, allergic to wombats or the entire nightshade family, she can cook you something great. Don't worry if you have forgotten to tell us on the booking form, just let Emma know by email.
During the tea breaks Nette bakes fresh tasty biscuits and tray bakes to keep us going (because us 'sing-thletes' need energy!) We like to make sure everything is quality so we always make proper tea and proper coffee. There is always a fruit bowl if you would like (but when you see the flapjack...)
Our sitdown meals are prpared by Nette and served by us because meals are a great time to get to know all of your fellow participants and we hope that you will all know each other well by the end of the course (without any forced icebreaker exercises or falling back on ech other!) 
On the Saturday night of each course, there is a (very informal  and optional) singaround at the barn and Nette cooks a roast dinner. There are loads of great options and plenty of veg. Leave room though because there is always dessert! All lunches are also followed by a pudding too.
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For information regarding booking,
payments or transport, please email
Emma on: [email protected]

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