Weekend Workshops - 2019 Programme 

The Great Female Singers  
We will focus on a handful of the GREATS and learn one of each of their songs. 
We will consider their ornamentation licks and riffs and pay close attention to the minutiae of their phrasing. In essence, we will discover, using Complete Vocal Technique principles, what makes them, them! And as with most things, the devil is in the detail. 
Requirements: For those who wish to learn about voice and how to cover a song in spectacular fashion!
Led by Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp
May 10th - 12th 2019
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Forgotten Lands Festival
Formally Stepping Stones Festival, Forgotten Lands is a pared down, back-to-basics music festival which has been relocated to its natural home at Stones Barn.

The fields spring to life and music can be heard ringing through the valley. 2018s festival was held here in secret and we all enjoyed it so much we are doing it again! It is also an oportunity for all of our participants through the years to get together. There will be music, workshops, food camping all on-site. 
Our down-to-earth family friendly
field festival @ Stones Barn

June 7th - 9th 2019
​£30 suggested donation

For news about when tickets become available please keep an eye on the
Stepping Stones Festival Facebook page

Maddy and Rose-Ellen Now offer 1-to-1 singing lessons
Do you want to treat someone to a singing or poetry retreat?
What to expect from our 
Vocal Technique course
Want extra tuition? 
Personalised Gift Certificates are available for all of our courses
It isn't what you think!
If you are on one of our many courses and you wish to work on your voice privately, just ask Emma about our availability and she will book you in
If there is someone you know who needs a break or talks about wanting to sing more but never has the chance, we offer the gift of somewhere beautiful and peaceful they can escape to to focus on what they enjoy. The gift of friendship, food and focus... better than a scented candle!
It is for everyone who wants to improve their singing and learn about the voice.
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Singing For The Uncertain
For those who want to start their singing journey with fun, laughter and no judgement
Have you been told you can't sing? It has happened to many people. Come to see us and sing for fun with others who want to just sing in a safe space, free of judgement and hear yourself for the first time.

We have a 'Circle Of The Year' theme to the songs this course. Celebration songs to connect with nature by marking the year.  We will sing together as a group, eat hearty food and concentrate on the tangible, simple pleasures like good company and the joy of singing for fun.  Requirements: anyone can join us for this course!

Work-friendly timetable
6:30pm Friday-4pm Sunday

Led by Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp
June 21st - 23rd 2019
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This workshop is for people who enjoy the study of poetry and learning about existing works. There is no writing of poetry expected in Don's workshops although many poets do attend as well as songwriters.
Don has been leading poetry weekends at the Barn for many years now and it is always a fascinating programme of study. More info on this later.  
Requirements: There are no requirements.

Led by Don Paterson
June 28th - 30th 2019
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Voice and Singing Workshop at Halsway Manor, Somerset
We return to Halsway for a second year of big group singing, 1:1 singing masterclasses and learning about the voice in the company of voice specialist, speech and language therapist and author of 'Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices', Christina Shewell.

Requirements: There are no requirements for this course. Anyone can join.
Christina Shewell SLT, Maddy Prior,
Rose-Ellen Kemp 
July 8th - 12th 2019
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Working Weekend
Stay at our rural idlle, eat well, meet new people and take part in singarounds in the evenings in exchange for doing a bit of DIY/gardening/cleaning/painting/wood working/sewing/interior design/tree surgery etc. etc.

See our Working Weekends page for testimonials

Hosted by Maddy Prior
August 9th - 11th 2019
Email Emma to request place
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Join Our Skiffle Group
HERE IS RICK IN HIS GROUP CALLED THE RAVENS IN HULL! He was actually there during those two precious years Skiffle was at it's peak!

Rick and Rose-Ellen will be the guitar and bass foundation of a big skiffle group made up of all of you! We will do nothing but learn and play skiffle with a touch of talking about skiffle along the way by those who were there and those who have been inspired by it since. We will pick some tracks that we feel have influence and relevance now, and some which were very important at the time.
Requirements: you must like washboards! 

Led by Rick Kemp and Rose-Ellen Kemp
August 16th - 18th 2019
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Jon has agreed to come and share with us an idea he has to teach harmony singing with colours.

More info now available. Click More Info button!

Requirements: Some singing experience and music reading is advantagious but not required.
Led by Jon Boden
and hosted by Maddy Prior
September 13th - 15th 2019
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A chance to work with two seasoned performers with very different performance styles. This course will cover many fundamentals of performance including:
- Performance technique and song delivery
- Finding your authentic voice as an artist 
- Dealing with performance anxiety

The sessions will be a mixture of discussions, practical workshops, self lead exercises and group performance opportunities. Our aim is to give participants an insight into how we both work and approach performance, pass on the tips and strategies that we have gained over the years and help people to develop their identities as performers. We want to have fun and help participants to build their confidence, this workshop will be a safe space for people to take risks, try things out, make mistakes and discover new skills.

Requirements: Suitable for singers and instrumentlists. 
Led by Hannah James and Grace Petrie
September 27th - 29th 2019
£250 (£180 discount for under 30's)
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Harvest Home
A weekend dedicated to that wonderful time when the Summer is fading and the Autumn leaves bring colour to our world. Songs of this season are particularly poignant, with beautiful melodies. We have also been invited to join the local community celebrating the Harvest Festival and sing for them some of what we have learnt.

Requirements: There are none. Everyone is welcome to bring in the harvest.

Includes informal local concert
Work-friendly timetable
6:30pm on Friday-4pm Sunday

Led by Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp
October 4th - 6th 2019
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Vocal Technique (Oct)
For those interested in improving their singing technique and progressing their knowledge of the voice and voice care
Singers at all levels spend time progressing their vocal skill and knowledge. On this course there is one-to-one tuition from Maddy (who has years of experience and is a trained Complete Vocal Techniques teacher) and Rose-Ellen (who has spent ten years as a musician and then trained in Speech and Language Science at Newcastle). It covers anatomy, physiology, vocal hygiene and care, warm-ups, breath support, posture as well as learning some songs and some really fun and interesting group singing sessions. Requirements: Just that you wish to improve your singing and learn about the voice! You don't have to be at a certain level of ability or have any particular level of experience. Wherever you are at, we aim to help you to take a big step forward.

Led by Rose-Ellen Kemp and Maddy Prior
Oct 17th - 20th 2019
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Martin Carthy's music;
the tradition's evolution
For those wanting to study and discuss British Traditional ballads and songs and sing a few as well!
Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in the company of two of the leading lights of the folk world? Two people that have spent their lives involved in this fascinating area of British music. Sing and talk about the background of the big ballads and the beautiful songs of these islands.​

Requirements: None. All are welcome

Led by Martin Carthy
and hosted by Maddy Prior
October 25th - 27th 2019
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Women In Folklore
We will sing songs of women's struggle and empowerment through history, of myth and magic and consider some modern classics too. 

Traditional music proved a rare and unusual platform for the perspectives and thoughts of women without fame or power. We will explore and celebrate these voices.

Requirements: everyone is welcome to join us for this course.

Work-friendly timetable
6:30pm Friday-4pm Sunday

Led by Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp
November 1st - 3rd 2019
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