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Singing, poetry, songwriting and performance workshops for all
Stones Barn was conceived as a haven for artistic learning by Maddy Prior and Rose-Ellen Kemp in 2001. We specialise in weekend workshops but we are also lucky to have some amazing poets and musicians who come here to tutor as well. We have, over many years, moulded and nurtured a supportive learning environment at our peaceful rural hideaway in North Cumbria. Having had 17 beautiful seasons running these boutique retreats, we are about to announced our 2019 programme. So whether you are a professional who wants to learn and refresh your skills or a budding enthusiast who wants to begin their work in a fun, safe space, there is a workshop for you. 
Maddy and Rose-Ellen Now offer 1-to-1 singing lessons
Do you want to treat someone to a singing or poetry retreat?
What to expect from our 
Vocal Technique course
Want extra tuition? 
Personalised Gift Certificates are available for all of our courses
It isn't what you think!
If you are on one of our many courses and you wish to work on your voice privately, just ask Emma about our availability and she will book you in
If there is someone you know who needs a break or talks about wanting to sing more but never has the chance, we offer the gift of somewhere beautiful and peaceful they can escape to to focus on what they enjoy. The gift of friendship, food and focus... better than a scented candle!
It is for everyone who wants to improve their singing and learn about the voice.
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The Stones Barn Experience
Every weekend feels like a retreat
Most of our workshops are packed with content (days are 10am-5pm plus evenings together) but because of the beautiful, peaceful surroundings, our weekends feel like retreats. We are not near a town or village so there is no light pollution so we have clear skies and clean air. 

We like to keep our group sizes small (usually no more than 25 participants per course) so everyone has a chance to get to know each other and bond as a group to make your time here extra memorable. 
Timetable for most courses:
Arrival is 12 midday on the first day and departure is 2:30pm on the last day -
view timetables  here
Although we have now also added courses which are structured in a more 'work-friendly way':
Arrivals 6pm on Friday (for first session start at 7:30pm) and finish at 4pm on Sunday. 

And if you are tired of looking around you and seeing everyone glued to their phone, good news; there is no signal here! Although don't worry, you can of course use the landline and broadband in emergencies, by and large we have a no devises policy whilst the workshops are happening. 
Our tuition
What can you expect from our Vocal Technique course?
As part of our mission to make the Barn a safe environment to express yourself vocally, we have always been in favour of the 'no devices' rule. We find that if there are no devices around that people are far more free and present. However, we are so very proud of this wonderful place and what we do here that we wanted to be able to share it with you somehow. So the wonderful Flashlight Films  came to see us for a day to bring you this glimpse of what we do on a Vocal Technique course. We hope you enjoy it!

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Voice and Culture
The Science of Voice
The Perfect Space
Everyone can and should sing!

We at Stones Barn believe that everyone can sing and singing should never be discouraged because voice work (especially in a group) has been shown to have significant health, well-being and social benefits. Singing seems to always be attached to a judging panel of late and we think that this is strange and unhelpful. Therefore, it has been our mission to create the perfect space where singing is enjoyable, inclusive, not at all scary and free from judgement.
Do you want to just sing without feeling self-conscious, surrounded by others who feel the same? Want to be somewhere away from your usual singing spaces to just focus and have the chance sing however you like? 
No judgement, just support and encouragement

We are passionate about cultivating a safe and non-judgmental environment to support you as you explore your voice and enjoy singing new songs and leaning new techniques. It is the perfect place to express yourself vocally, surrounded by beautiful countryside with no technological distractions.
Are you tired trying to interact with people who are staring at their phones? Do you just want to do something wholesome and get to know some new people?
In many ways it resembles a retreat much more than just a course. View our testimonials page to see what others said about the experience...
We aren't just arty, fun
and experienced, we are also
scientific and qualified too!

Maddy Prior has been a recording artist and live performer for over 50 years. As well as her wealth of experience in these contexts, she brings her Music and Humanities diploma and skills and knowledge from her intensive three year training for her diploma in Singing Teaching with The Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark. Her daughter Rose-Ellen Kemp spent a decade as a recording and live artist whilst building up her singing teaching skills at Stones Barn and recently studied Speech and Language Therapy at Newcastle University.
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 Stones Barn, Bewcastle, Carlisle,
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