What does a typical course
timetable look like? 

Each course will differ slightly depending on  the tutor and the nature of the course but a typical course timetable can be viewed by clicking HERE

do I have to audition or be at a certain 'level of ability'?

There is no audition for any of our courses and we believe no matter the perceived 'ability level' that it is a healthy and wonderful experience to sing with others, so give it a try! We know you are probably currently making a joke to whoever is sitting next to you about how we'll change our minds when we hear you and that no one could possibly want to hear you sing but I promise you, we would LOVE to hear you sing 

Do I have to be able to read music?

No. There is no course where this is necessary. All pieces are learned by ear and often we try to reduce the reliance on holding pieces of paper to focus on things like posture and participation instead. Having said that, if holding a piece of paper is what you need to do, we would far rather you were comfortable

What if I have an invisible illness or I'm not mad keen on socialising with strangers?

We pride ourselves of building a beautiful, open, non-judgmental space where everyone ceases to think of each other as strangers within around two hours. And nope, we don't do that through team-building games where we fall backwards onto each other, we usually just hang around, drink tea, do some gentle mindfulness and sing! If you have an invisible illness or any other type of illness we might need to know about, pleass feel free to tell us on your form if you'd like and we will do our very best to make you feel at ease because singing shouldn't have to be scary!

What about disabled access?

We have been able to accomodate a number of people with physical disability  and those with visual impairments. However, the farm buildings were built a very long time ago so wheelchair access isn't ideal but we are working on it. If you drop us a line and tell us what you need, we will tell you if we are currently able to accomodate it. 

That's the middle of nowhere! Will I be able to get a phone signal?

Nope. And that is what we love the most about this place! We have good broadband and a landline which people can reach you on and you can use in emergencies but otherwise it is sheer focus and presence and BLISS!

What if I am a confident singer who wants to sing challenging material?

Brilliant, we want to sing with you too! There a few options this year that we think you'll love ...
Vocal Technique (if it's technique improvement you are after)
Singing Harmony (harmonies from around the world to challenge your ear)
Fun in Performance (if performance is what you want to work on or have more practice at)

What if I am an experienced singer who wants to improve technique?

Totally brilliant! We would wholeheartedly recommend any of the vocal technique courses with Rose-Ellen and Maddy. These usually involve a basic grounding in anatomy, physiology, vocal hygiene, how to understand the voices ranges and textures, techniques to increase support and stamina and one-to-one sessions to work specifically on YOUR voice